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Mentors Mission to Israel : July 3 - July 8, 2012

In its 40 year history, Ohr Somayach has brought thousands of young Jews to a life of Torah u' Mitzvohs. It's Jewish Learning Exchange (JLE) program brings college-age men to the Yeshiva in Yerushalayim for two to six weeks. The JLE program combines intensive touring and interaction with madrichim and tutors. The unique blend of high level shiurim in Torah and hashkafa are given by some of the most exciting and knowledgeable talmudei chachamim.

Ohr Somayach has always done a fantastic job introducing the JLE participants to the beauty of the Torah lifestyle during their stay. Since the mentors have joined the program, this process has achieved new levels. The interaction of the JLE students with knowledgeable, caring, successful people who have the sensitivity and empathy needed to serve as role models and effective mentors, helps integrate these Jewishly evolving students into the larger frum world.

We invite you, or you and your wife, to join us in Eretz Yisrael for an unforgettable trip.

Help inspire and be inspired by these young men - both in Yerushalayim and when they return to their studies in North America.


Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
And learn yourself why so many mentors come back again.

Tour Dates: December 25 - 30, 2014

Exciting Itinerary Details*
*All activities are subject to change 

Thurs. Eve.-Day 1


Maariv and Opening Dinner overlooking the Kosel/ Kosel Tunnel Tour


Friday-Day 2


Learning Session #1-Mentos-Students/

Lunch and Shopping in Geulah



Shabbos-Day 3


Friday night @ Kosel/ Meah Shearim Tisch Tour/ Learning Ses. #2/ Inspiring Lectures/ Seudos at Zvill Hall

Motzei Shabbos

Melava Malka

@ The Cave near Kever Dovid- w/the Simply Tsfat Band


Sunday-Day 4


Learning Session #3

@ OS/

Blind & Deaf Museum/

Underground Bullet Factory/Winery/

Gedolim trip to Bnei Brak






Monday-Day 5


Ramon Crater-Archery & Hike/BBQ/

Learning Session #4 @Tifrach/

Maariv-kumzitz @ Kever Baba Sali/ 

Overnight in Beer Sheva





Tuesday-Day 6


Talis factory/

Camel Riding/

Tour and Learning Session #5-Sderot/

Farewell Dinner @ Tamir Round Hall





Inspiring Lectures and Shiurim from Ohr Somayach's Kiruv Luminaries!








"The Mentors Mission has appeciably elevated my own Jewishness. It has focused me on fundamentals of Judaism that I was not meaningfully aware of. It brought Judaism much more into my daily life. I think, feel, and perform mitzvahs with a higher leverl of awareness as to waht I am doing."

  •  Zecharia Fruchthandler

"The Mentors Mission provides me the opportunity to meet dedicated mentors from all of North America and create lasting friendships. Spending time with the students and seeing their desire to grow in their religious observance is truly inspiring. I have gone on four missions and each one is unique and special."

  • George Karasick
An invitation to inspiration.

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