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Who is G-d?

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Topic: God

Corinna wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Who is G-d?

Dear Corinna,

G-d is the Creator of all that there is, and its ruler. In the same way that a king rules a nation, so too G-d rules the creation.

There is very little that we know about G-d Himself. We know that He is complete in every sense, not lacking anything, including being all powerful. We know that He is pure good. And we know that He is a simple unity; in other words, not only is He One and not two, so too He is One and not made up of parts. This is something that is impossible for us to understand.

What we do know more about is the way which G-d interacts with the creation - the character traits, so-to-speak, with which He makes His presence felt here in the world.

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