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Topic: Elements in the Soul

Sharon wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

A while ago I met with a mekubal (kabbalist) who had a reputation for helping many people. After giving him information about myself and talking with him for a while he told me that my nature/personality is "water water water." Can you please tell me what that means, what water represents in Kabbala?

Dear Sharon,

There are four origins of neshamot, souls, parallel to the four origins of matter: Fire, wind, water, and earth. Most people fall within one category while some are a mixture of two or more. Water as the origin of your soul means fruitfulness, purity and health. It means you don't get angry quickly, or at least you calm down quickly. You probably enjoy swimming! Any negative issues related to water can be mended by observance of the Torah, which is compared to water.

This is a highly complicated subject, which can't be conveyed properly via this media.

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