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Topic: Chanukah Menorah Public

Evan Sehgal wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

In the Shulchan Aruch it says a chanukia must be no higher than 20 amos (cubits). Is this height measured from the base of the chanukia, the base of the candle, the base of the flame or the top of the flame? Is this an issue as the candle burns down? Does this have implications for the giant menorahs lit in public places?

Dear Evan Sehgal,

The flame must not be higher than 20 amos (approximately 30-40 feet) above ground level of the public thoroughfare. If the flame is higher, the person has not fulfilled the mitzvah. Large public menorahs are anyway not intended to fulfill the mitzvah because they are not in or next to any individual's dwelling. The mitzvah is to light the menorah at home.

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