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Topic: Family Tree Info

Kaenan Hertz, PhD wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

I recently uncovered a family tree that traces my ancestors back to 1408 in Padua. Through the 1800s they were mostly rabbis (R' Yitchak Aisik Chaver). The eldest is a R' Yehuda Mintz of Padua. I have been working with my rabbis in Atlanta to try to uncover more personal information about these people. Do you have any suggestions for books or online material that I might be able to find. Thank you very much.

Dear Dr. Kaenan Hertz,

I suggest that you check out some of the following on-line resources:


A news-group run by JewishGen. Its purpose is to provide all researchers of Jewish lines a means of networking with others on areas of particular interest to Jewish researchers.

Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (AJGS), a non-profit organization dedicated to the coordination of the activities of some 60 local Jewish genealogical societies around the world.

The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) is a database of towns and surnames currently being researched by Jewish genealogists worldwide, and can be searched on the WWW, or via e-mail. By using the JGFF, you can learn whether others are seeking ancestors of the same surname or town of origin.

Find out about this software package from Broderbund, get tips on tracking your family tree, and access their index of more than 100 million names from various archives.

You can also check out the genealogy forums on CompuServe or America-On-Line.

I hope you're successful in your search!

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