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Topic: Dallas Area Torah Association

Eddy Webber from Lansing, MI wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

Forgive my ignorance in what may be a simple question, but I was at a wedding last night and after the groom broke the glass and everyone danced away, I noticed the glass - which was wrapped in a plastic bag - was lying on the floor. I picked it up so no one would get hurt, but then I thought to myself, "what do you do with it?" I was very puzzled. It didn't seem right to just throw it in the garbage as it had been used for a religious ceremony; on the other hand, it was broken glass and it seemed like you should throw it away. So what do you do with the broken glass after the wedding?

Dear Eddy Webber,

You acted very correctly by picking up the broken glass in order to avoid injury. There is no problem with throwing it away in the garbage. Although it was used in a religious ceremony, it itself is not a holy article.

I've heard that some have the custom to save the glass and make jewellery from it.

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