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Why Esav Lost His Head

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Topic: Deaf Person Killing Esav

Sharon Stakofsky-Davis wrote:

Dear Rabbi,

In our Torah study group we were discussing the midrash where Yaakov's deaf grandson takes a club and lops off Esav's head and his head goes rolling into Jacob's burial place. Is there any commentary that talks about why specifically a deaf person is the one who kills Esav and what this means? We have seven people waiting for this answer.

Dear Sharon Stakofsky-Davis and the Study-Group Seven,

At first, people are shocked by bad news, but then they get used to it little by little. When Esav first came to stop Yaakov's burial, no one knew exactly what he was up to and how far he would actually take his argument. Finally, when Esav demanded that Yaakov's sons produce the deed of sale of the burial site, they had already begun to "accept" the bad situation little by little. But Chushim, Yaakov's deaf grandson, didn't figure out what was happening until the argument was at its peak, and was therefore "shocked" into action.


  • Maharal, Chidushei Aggadot II 53

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