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A list of dozens of books on Jewish topics, recommended by the Rabbis of Ohr Somayach.
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  1. CHUMASH - The Five Books of Moses
  2. NACH - The Prophets and Writings
  5. MITZVOT - Rationale of the Commandments
  7. KABBALAH - Mysticism and Metaphysics

1. CHUMASH - The Five Books of Moses

The Living Torah, by Aryeh Kaplan (Moznaim Publishing Corp.) - A translation in modern English with notes, maps, and charts.

The Pentateuch: Samson Raphael Hirsch, translated by Isaac Levy (Judaic Press Ltd. Gateshead England) - A 6-volume translation of Hirsch's commentary which connects the simple meaning of the verses with their Talmudic and symbolic interpretations.

The Pentateuch: Trumath Tzvi, edited by Ephraim Oratz, English translation by Gertrude Hirschler (Judaica Press, Inc. N.Y.)

Ramban (Nachmanides): Commentary on the Torah, translated by Charles B. Chavel, (Shilo Publishing House, Inc.) - In depth commentary on the Chumash by one of the foremost Jewish philosophers and Kabbalists.

Artscroll: Tanach Series, Chumash (Mesorah Publications). Translation, overviews, and digest of commentaries.

The Pentateuch with the Commentary of Rashi, M. Rosenbaum and I. M. Silberman (Published by the Silberman family) - 5 volumes.

Beginning and Upheaval, The Patriarchs, Into Nationhood, translated by Zvi Faier (1978 Hillel Press) - Commentary of the Malbim showing synthesis between the Written and Oral Law through vigorous analysis of Hebrew language and grammar.

Prisms, by Michael Schoen (Targum Press) - Novellae on Chumash Bereshis.

Yalkut Meam Loez: The Torah Anthology (various translators, no editor named) (Moznaim Publications) - A classic and encyclopedic collection of midrashim, commentaries, and stories covering the entire Tanach.

Aseres Hadibros, Artscroll, by R. Avrohom Chaim Feuer (Mesorah Publications) - The Ten Commandments with translation and a digest of commentaries.

2. NACH - The Prophets and Writings

The Jerusalem Bible (Koren Publishers, Jerusalem) - Hebrew text and English translation.

The Psalms with translation and commentary of S.R.Hirsch, English translation by Gertrude Hirschler (Feldheim Inc.)

Turnabout: The Story of Purim, by Mendel Weinbach (Nachat Publications) - A look behind the scenes at the story of Purim.

Samson's Struggle, by Gershon Weiss (Kol HaYeshiva Publications) - A Torah view of the famous Samson and Delilah story.

Mother of Royalty: The Scroll of Ruth, by Yehoshua Bachrach, English translation by Leonard Oschry (Feldheim Publishers) - In-depth commentary based on Talmudic sources.

Judaica Books of the Prophets, edited by A.J. Rosenberg (Judaica Press Inc. N.Y.) - Digest of commentaries and new translation.

Artscroll Series: The Books of the Tanach, (Mesorah Publicatins) - Overviews, commentary digest, and new translation.

David, King of Israel, by Henry Biberfeld (The Spiro Foundation) - An inspiring analysis of the life of King David.

Artscroll Tehilim Treasury, by Avraham Chaim Feuer (Artscroll, Mesorah Publications) - Stories and explanations based on the Psalms.


Book of Our Heritage, by Eliyahu Kitov, translated to English by Nathan Bulman (Feldheim Publishers) - Laws, customs and history of the Jewish holidays. 3 volumes

The Sabbath, by Dayan Dr. Isidor Grunfield (Feldheim Publishers) - A classic analysis of the concept of "work" on Shabbos, and the philosophy of Shabbos.

Sabbath: Day of Eternity, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - Concise explanation of the philosophy of Shabbos and its significance and central role in Judaism.

Menuchah VeSimchah, by Mordechai Katz (Feldheim. JEP (Jewish Education Program) Publications) - Laws of Shabbos and Festivals.

Shemirath Shabbath, by Yehoshua Neuwirth, English prepared by W. Grangewood with Hebrew Author (Feldheim) - Detailed and extensive compilation of the laws of Shabbat.

The Halachos of Muktza - by Yisroel P. Bodner (distributed by Halacha Publications, Lakewood, New Jersey).

Zemiroth: Sabbath Songs, edited by Noson Scherman and Meir Zlotowtz, (Artscroll, Mesorah Publications) - A collection of Shabbos songs, with translation and commentary.

Seasons of the Soul, Artscroll, edited by Nisson Wolpin, (Mesorah Publications) - Essays on the significance and symbolism of the Jewish holidays.

The Story of Tishah B'Av: Meam Lo'ez, by R. Yaakov Culi and R. Yitzchak Bakchor Agruiti in 1773, translated by Aryeh Kaplan, (Moznaim Publishing Corp.).

The Festivals in Halachah, by Shlomo Yosef Zevin, (Artscroll, Mesorah Publications Ltd. N.Y. in conjection with Hillel Press, Jerusalem) - An analysis of the development of the laws of the Festivals.

The Haggadah, Artscroll, by R. Joseph Elias, (Mesorah Publications) - The Passover Seder service with translation, commentaries, overview and instructions in English.

The Hirsch Haggadah, by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, Adapted from Haggadah Nachlas Hasar (edited by Mordechai ben Shamshun Brener), translated from original German by Karen Paritzky with portions translated from Hebrew by Leonard Oshry (Feldheim).

Haggadah of the Chassidic Masters, Artscroll, by Shalom Meir Wallach (Mesorah Publications).

Chol HaMoed, by Dovid Zucker and Moshe Francis (Halacha Publication, Lakewood, New Jersey) - The Halachos of the Intermediate Days of the Festivals.

Yom Tov Sheini Kehilchaso, by Yerachmiel Fried (Targum/Feldheim). The halachos of the second day of Yom Tov. Halachos of Shabbos

Halachos of the Eiruv and Halachos of Pesach Shimon Eider, (Published in Lakewood New Jersey)

Halachos of the Three Weeks

Halachos of the Four Species

Halachos of Purim

Halachos of Chanuka

Halachos of Pesach

Artscroll, insights by Shimon Finkelman, Laws by Moshe Dov Stein and Moshe Lieber, (Mesorah Publications) - Passover, its observance, Laws and Significance.

The Shabbos Kitchen, Artscroll, by R. Simcha Bunim Cohen (Mesorah Publications) - A comprehensive halachic guide to food preperation and other kitchen activities on Shabbos.

Shabbos - The Sabbath, by Rabbi Shimon Finkelman (Artscroll, Mesorah Publications) - Its essence and significance.


Days Are Coming, by Ezriel Tauber (Shalheves) - A story symbolizing the contemporary teshuvah movement, and predictions of Chazal concerning teshuvah and the Messianic age.

Pathways, by Shlomo Wolbe (Feldheim) - A philosophy of repentance by one of the foremost of contemporary ethicists.

Teshuvah: A Practical Guide to Repentance, by S.Wagshall - A halachic guide to the mitzvah of teshuvah.

Black Becomes a Rainbow, by Agi L. Bauer (Feldheim) - A true story of the ups and downs of parent-children relationships when a child becomes observant.

Waking Up Jewish, by Uri Zohar (Hamesora Publications, Jerusalem) - Autobiographical account of the famous Israeli entertainer's return to Judaism.

5. MITZVOT - Rationale of the Commandments

The 613 Mitzvos: A Study Guide, by Alon I.Tolwin (Aish HaTorah Publications) - Brief synopses of the mitzvos and their source texts.

The Mitzvot, by Abraham Chill (Keter Books, Jerusalem) -Basic presentation of the commandments with a synopsis of the rationales given by the various commentaries.

The Minhagim, by Abraham Chill (Sepher-Hermon Press, New York) - Reasons and sources for Jewish customs.

Horeb, by Samson Raphael Hirsch , translated and annotated by Dayan Dr. I. Grunfeld (Soncino Press, London) - An in-depth philosophical interpretation of Jewish laws and observances.

Sefer HaChinuch, by Aaron HaLevi of Barcelona , translation and notes by Charles Wengrove (Feldheim) - Presentation of the mitzvos according to the order of the weekly portion, outlining the basic laws and reasons for the mitzvos and sources for additional details of law.

5 volumes. The Royal Table, by Jacob Cohn (Feldheim) - A concise guide to the rationale and laws of kashrus.

G-d, Man and Tefillin, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - The mystical significance of tefillin (phylacteries).

Tzitzit: Thread of Light, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - Explanation of the commandment of tzitzis (fringes, tallit).

Waters of Eden by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - Mystical significance of the mikveh and the laws of family purity.

Sanctity and Science, by Yonason Binyomin Goldberger (Feldheim) - History, laws, methods, stories, scientific and medical aspects of circumcision.

The Taryag Mitzvos, by Rabbi Aharon Yisrael Kahan (Keser Torah Publications) - A concise compilation with stories and philosophical reasons culled from Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic Sources.

The Concise Book of Mitzvah, compiled by the Chofetz Chaim, (Feldheim) - A very concise index of today's mitzvot with special section on Eretz Yisroel.


The Handbook of Jewish Thought, by Aryeh Kaplan (Moznaim Publishing Corp.) - Covers an amazing multitude of basic Jewish Facts and Beliefs.

Kuzari, by Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi, introduction by Henry Slonimsky (Schocken Books, N.Y.)- Classic work on Jewish philosophy in the form of a dialogue between a rabbi and a gentile king. Presents arguments against Greek philosophy, Christianity, and Islam; gives historical verification of Judaism.

The Infinite Light, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - A concise formulation of the Jewish concept of God based on Talmudic and Kabbalistic sources.

The Informed Soul, by Dovid Gottlieb (Mesorah Publications (Artscroll)) - An analytical approach to some central philosophical questions involved in understanding Judaism. The author was formerly a professor of analytical philosophy at Johns Hopkins University.

Masterplan, by Aryeh Carmel (Jerusalem Academy Publications) - An overview of Judaism, combining philosophy and practice in contemporary language and concepts.

If You Were G-d, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - An essay on the purpose of creation and the mechanics of Divine Providence; ideas about the soul and life-after-death in contemporary terminology.

Halachic Man, by Joseph B. Soloveichik (Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia) - An in-depth philosophical study of Jewish Law and its relationship to the physical world.

The Halachic Mind, by Joseph B. Soloveichik (Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia) - Sequel to Halachic Man.

Introduction to Horeb, by I.Grunfield (Soncino Press) - The philosophical and historical background of Samson Raphael Hirsch's world view.

The 2001 Principle, by Mordechai Ben Yosef and Gershon Robinson ("HED" Press Ltd.) - An analysis of the teleological argument for the existence of God and an examination of the weaknesses in the theory of evolution.

The Road Back, by Mayer Schiller (Feldheim) -Jewish philosophy for the Western Jew.

The Nineteen Letters, by Samson Raphael Hirsch, prepared by Jacob Breuer (Feldheim) - Jewish philosophy in the form of correspondence between a student and a teacher.

This Is My God, by Herman Wouk (Doubleday and Co., N.Y.) - A personal approach to Jewish life, practice and philosophy by the famous author.

The Bridge of Life, by Yechiel Michel Tukichinsky (Etz Hayim, Jerusalem) - Jewish thought on the subjects of death and the World to Come.

The Blueprint of Creation: The Chafetz Chaim on Torah Study, translated by Raphael Blumberg (Beis Yechiel).

Living Inspired, by Akiva Tatz (Targum) - A mystical review of underlying Jewish concepts.

7. KABBALAH - Mysticism and Metaphysics

The Way of God, by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Feldheim) - A systematic approach to Jewish philosophy and practice, from the purpose of creation to the daily practices based on Kabbalah.

The Knowing Heart, by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Feldheim) - Companion to previous work in the form of a dialogue between the soul and the intellect.

Faith and Folly, by Yakov M. Hillel (Feldheim) - The occult in a Torah perspective.

The Soul of the Matter, by Gershon Winkler (Judaica Press, N.Y.) - Basic principles of mysticism.


The Complete Artscroll Siddur (Mesorah Publications) - Modern translation of text of prayers with overview and selection of commentaries on the prayer book, as well as instructions and laws in English.

The Artscroll Shmoneh Esreh, by Avraham Feuer (Mesorah Publications). An anthology of commentaries on the central prayer of the siddur.

The Artscroll Machzorim (Mesorah Publications) - A set of five Festival and High Holiday prayer books.

The Hirsch Siddur, by Samson Raphael Hirsch, (Feldheim) - Translation and in-depth commentary.

To Pray as a Jew, by Hayim Halevy Donin (Basic Books, Inc. N.Y.) - Jewish outlook on prayer and brief outline of its laws.

The World of Prayer, by E.Munk (Feldheim) - 2 volumes.

Kaddish, Artscroll, edited by Nosson Scherman and Meir Zlotowitz (Mesorah Publications) - The Kaddish with translation, commentaries, laws, and customs.


The Artscroll Talmud (Mesorah Publications) - Translated and annotated in contemporary English.

Artscroll Mishnah Series (Mesorah Publications) - Translated and annotated in contemporary English.

The Infinite Chain: Torah, Mesorah & Man, by Nathan Lopes-Cardozo (Targum/Feldheim) - Philosophical and historic background and verification of the Oral Law.

The Oral Law, by Harry C. Schimmel (Feldheim) - Description and categorization of the Oral Law (not too technical).

The Juggler and the King, by Aharon Feldman (Feldheim) - Explanations of the allegories and riddles in the Aggadic sections of the Talmud based on the Gaon of Vilna's interpretations.

The Ways of Reason, by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto - The thought processes and logical principles of the Sages.

The Student's Guide Through the Talmud, by Avi Hirsch Chajes, translated from Hebrew and annotated by Jacob Schachter (Feldheim) - Detailed and technical analysis and explanations of the various elements of the Oral Law, for the serious student.

The Dynamics of Dispute, by Zvi Lampel (Judaica Press) - A study of the concept, history, and mechanics of scholarly disputes within Jewish tradition.

Understanding The Talmud, by Yitzchak Feigenbaum (Feldheim) - An introduction to Talmud study through the use of flow charts.

Gateway to the Talmud, by Meir Zvi Bergman (Artscroll, Mesorah Publications).

The Practical Talmud Dictionary, by Yitzchak Frank (Ariel, United Israel Institutes, Jerusalem).

Dictionary of the Talmud, by Marcus Jastrow (Judaica Press) - Aramaic- English.


Jewish Woman in Jewish Law, by Moshe Meiselman (Ktav Publishing House) - An analysis of the status, obligations, and rights of women in Jewish Law.

Our Lives - vols. 1 & 2, edited by Sarah Shapiro (Targum - Feldheim). Essays, stories, and poetry by Orthodox Jewish women.

The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage, by Maurice Lamm (Harper and Row). A guide to the Jewish view of marriage.

To Become One, by Ezriel Tauber (Shalheves) - The Torah outlook on marriage.

A Hedge of Roses, by Norman Lamm (Feldheim) - Philosophy of the family purity laws.

The Antidote, by Shraga Silverstein (Feldheim) - A Jewish view on human sexuality.

Jewish Alternatives in Love, Dating and Marriage, by Pinchas Stolper (NCSY).

The Jew and His Home, by Eliyahu Kitov, translation and introduction by Nathan Bulman (Shengold Publishers) - Comprehensive guide to Jewish family life.

Made in Heaven, by Aryeh Kaplan (Moznaim) - A guide to the Jewish wedding ceremony.

The Magic Touch, by G.Manelson - A Jewish view on physical relationships.

Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore, by M.Freedman -Jewish sexual ethics in contemporary society.


Concise Code of Jewish Law, by Gersion Appel (Ktav Publishing House). Practical everyday Jewish law for the beginner.

Lishmor Vela'asot (title is in Hebrew), by Mordechai Katz (JEP - Feldheim) - Practical Jewish law for the beginner.

The Halachot of the Ben Ish Hai, translated by Shmuel Hiley (published by Yeshivath Hevrath Ahavath Shalom, distributed by Feldheim) - A classic collection of laws and customs by the Sephardi scholar, Rav Yosef Chaim of Baghdad. 2 volumes.

Guard Your Tongue, by Zelig Pliskin (Aish HaTorah Publications) - Laws of slander, gossip, falsehood, and the ethics of speech.

The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning, by Maurice Lamm (Jonathon Morris Publishers) - Laws and philosophy of the mourning period.

Brochos: The Halachos of Brochos, by Yisroel P. Bodner (Artscroll) - Laws of blessings before and after eating. Halichos Bat Yisrael, by Yitzchak Yakov Fuchs (Feldheim) - A halachic guide for women.

The Healing Visit, by Chana Shofnos and Bat Tova Zwebner (Targum/Feldheim) - Halachos, customs, and importance of the mitzvah of visiting the sick.

Economics and Jewish Law: Halakhic Perspectives, by Aaron Levine (Yeshiva University Press).

Torah Guide for the Businessman, by S.Wagschal - Jewish business law and ethics.

The Secret of Jewish Femininity, by Tehilla Abramov (Targum/Feldheim)- Insights into the practice of family purity, with a halachic guide.

Daughter of Israel, by Kalman Kahana (Feldheim) - Concise laws of family purity.

In the Marketplace, by Meir Tamari (Targum/Feldheim) -Jewish economic and business ethics, by the former chief economist of the Bank of Israel.

Oholei Yeshurun, by Aaron Felder (New York 1980 R. Felder) - Laws of yichud, sheva berachos, tevillas kelim and hechsher kelim.


Ahavath Chesed, Chofetz Chaim, English translation by Leonard Oschry (Feldheim) -Practice and philosophy of kindness.

The Gateway to Happiness, by Zelig Pliskin (Aish HaTorah Publications) - A self-help guide to happiness. Draws on traditional Jewish sources.

The Path of the Just, by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, translated by Shraga Silverstein (Feldheim) - Classic guide to character improvement by a major Kabbalist.

Strive For Truth, by Eliyahu Dessler, rendered and annotated by Aryeh Carmell (Feldheim) -Insights into mussar and Jewish philosophy. 3 volumes.

Ethics From Sinai, by Irving Bunim (Feldheim) - The Mishnaic tractate, "Ethics of the Fathers," translated and explained.

Let Us Make Man, by Abraham J. Twerski (Traditional Press, Inc.) - Self-esteem through Jewishness by a Chassidic rabbi and psychiatrist.

Love Your Neighbor, by Zelig Pliskin (Aish HaTorah Publications) - Traditional sources and stories about human relationships.

Waking up Just in Time, by Abraham J. Twerski - Using Charles Schultz's Peanuts characters and the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program, a well-known rabbi/psychiatrist shows how a person can powerfully reconstruct his life for the better.

When do the Good Things Start, by Abraham J Twerski - A "cartoon" book which deals with a positive attitude towards life.


Contemporary Halachic Problems, by J. David Bleich (Ktav Publishing House) - 3 volumes.

Jewish Bioethics, by Fred Rosner & J. David Bleich (Sanhedrin Press). Articles on medical ethics from the Jewish point of view.

Challenge, by Cyril Domb and Aryeh Carmell (Feldheim) - Torah views on science and its problems by the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists.

Encounter, by H. Chaim Schimmel and Aryeh Carmell (Feldheim) - Sequel to Challenge.

Jewish Medical Ethics, by Immanuel Jacobovitz (Bloch Publishing Company, N.Y.) - Philosophy of Jewish medical ethics by the former Chief Rabbi of England.

Comprehensive Guide to Medical Halachah, by Abraham Abraham (Feldheim).

In The Beginning, by Nathan Aviezer (Ktav Publishing House) - Biblical creation and science, a synthesis of the two by a physicist at Bar-Ilan University.

Crossroads, by Tzomet -Halachic issues in the State of Israel. 2 volumes.

Fusion, by Shamir- Essays on the Torah and contemporary science.


The Land of Our Heritage, by David Rossof (Targum/Feldheim). Historical and philosophical background to the Jewish claim to Israel.

To Dwell in the Palace, edited by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein (Feldheim) - A spritual guide to life in the Holy Land.

Jerusalem: Eye of the Universe, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - The centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish thought.

Safed: The Mystical City, by David Rossof (Feldheim Publications). Jewish Israel, (N.I.M.A. Publications) - A travel guide to the land of Israel.

Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine - S.Katz - A history of the Jewish-Arab conflict in the land of Israel.


The Jewish Dietary Laws, by Isidor Grunfield (Soncino Press) - Detailed treatise on the laws of kashrus and the agricultural laws applicable in Israel. 2 volumes.

Kashruth, by Yacov Lipshutz (Artscroll) - The dietary laws in contemporary society.

A Practical Guide to Kashrut, by S. Wagschal (Feldheim). Is It Kosher?, by E. Eidlitz (Feldheim) - Food technology and kashrus certification in the modern world.

The Spice and Spirit of Kosher Jewish Cooking, (Bloch Publishing) - Traditional menus and dishes together with brief explanations about laws and customs of Jewish festive cooking.

Classic Kosher Cooking - Finkel.

The Passover Feast, (American Mizrahi Women) - Cooking on Pesach. Kosher Calories, by Tziporah Spear (Artscroll) - A list of kosher products available in the USA, kashrus certifications, and calorie contents of the products.

The Shabbos Kitchen, by Simcha Bunim Cohen (Artscroll) - A comprehensive halachic guide to the preparation of food, and other kitchen activities on Shabbos.


Triumph of Survival, by Berel Wein (Shaar Press) - History of the Jewish people from the sixteenth century to the present day.

Artscroll History Series 1 -Jewish history until the time of the Second Temple.

Artscroll History Series 2: From Yavne to Pumbedisa - Jewish history from the destruction of the Second Temple until the end of the Gaonic period.

Challenge of Sinai, by Zechariah Fendel (Hashkafa Publications, N.Y.)- History of the transmission of the Jewish tradition. Anvil of Sinai, by Zechariah Fendel (Hashkafa Publications, N.Y.) - History of the transmission of the Jewish tradition.

Legacy of Sinai, by Zechariah Fendel (Hashkafa Publications, N.Y.) - History of the transmission of the Jewish tradition.

Biblical Personalities & Archaeology, by Leah Bronner (Keter Publishing) - Archaeology and the accuracy of the Torah.

God, Man and History, by E. Berkovitz - Divine Providence and human freewill in Jewish history.

Torah Nation, by Avigdor Miller (Balshon Printing and Offset Co. Brooklyn, N.Y.) - A traditional outlook on Jewish history.

Behold, A People, by Avigdor A.Miller (Balson Printing and Offset Co.) - Companion to the above book.

The Mussar Movement, by Rabbi Dov Katz, translated from Hebrew by Leonard Oschry, (Orly Press) - Mussar's history, leading personalities, and doctrines. 3 volumes.


Path Through the Ashes, edited by Nisson Wolpin (Artscroll)- Approaches to the Holocaust in rabbinic literature.

Chassidic Tales of the Holocaust, by Yaffa Eliach (Avon Books). The Final Resolution, by Benzion Allswang (Feldheim) - Jewish philosophy and anti-semitism.

The Unheeded Cry, by Abraham Fuchs (Artscroll) - Rav Weissmandel's struggle to save the Jews of Europe and to arouse an apathetic world.

Responsa from the Holocaust, by Ephraim Oschry (Judaica Press) - Legal problems raised by the Holocaust and rabbinic responses to them.

With God in Hell, by Eliezer Berkovitz (Sanhedrin Press) - Jewish belief and practice in the ghettos and death camps.

Why the Jews?, by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin (Simon & Schuster) - Answers to the title question of the underlying reasons for anti- Semitism.


The Jew and the Christian Missionary, by Gerald Sigal (Ktav Publishing House) - Jewish responses to Christian missionaries.

Jews for Nothing, by Dov Aharon Fisch (Feldheim) - Jews who joined cults and Christian groups.

The Real Messiah, by Aryeh Kaplan (NCSY) - Refutation of Christian Messianic claims.

The Disputation, Anonymous (Scholarly Publications) - Refutation of Christian Messianic claims in dialogue format.

Their Hollow Inheritance, by Michoel Drazin - Refutation of missionaries.

You take J., I'll take G-d, by Samuel Levine (Hamoroh Press L.A. Calif.) -Arguments against missionaries.


The Complete Hebrew English Dictionary, by R. Alcalay (Chemed Books, Massada, Yedioth Ahronoth) - Hebrew-English, English- Hebrew.

The Word, by Isaac Mozeson (Shapolsky Publishers N.Y.) - The Hebrew sources of the world's languages.

Hayesod, Luba Uveeler and Norman M. Bronznick (Feldheim) - Textbook of Hebrew grammar for college age students.

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